YouTube Premium Referral Program Terms

Thank you for participating in the YouTube Premium Referral Program (“Program”). By participating in the Program as a Referrer or Friend (as defined below), you agree to these terms and conditions, the YouTube Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy (together, the “Terms”). This Program is only available in select countries, which may be updated by Google from time to time.

A current, paying YouTube Premium subscriber (“Referrer”) can refer its contacts to subscribe to a YouTube Premium subscription (as displayed on the homepage of (a “YouTube Premium Subscription”) by logging into Referrer’s YouTube Premium account to receive Referrer’s unique referral link (“Invite Link”) and sharing the Invite Link to Referrer’s contacts via SMS, social media, email or another available method. Referrer must have each contact’s prior express consent to send the Invite Link. Referrer may not post an Invite Link on public forms or social media.

For each contact that signs up for a YouTube Premium Subscription through Referrer’s Invite Link and becomes a paying YouTube Premium subscriber (“Friend”) by May 31, 2023 11:59:59 pm PDT (the “Offer End Date”):

(A) Referrer will receive a credit equivalent to one month of the YouTube Premium Subscription fee applicable to Referrer (“Referrer Discount”), to be reflected in Referrer’s YouTube Premium account immediately after the subscription month in which the Friend becomes a YouTube Premium paying subscriber, provided that Referrer may not receive more than twelve (12) Referrer Discounts before the Offer End Date. Referrer forfeits all current or future right to Referrer Discounts under the Program if Referrer cancels or otherwise suspends Referrer’s YouTube Premium account; and

(B) Friend will receive three (3) months of YouTube Premium for a total amount of CAD 0.99 (or, if Friend is based in a different country where the Program is offered, the price applicable to such country), excluding all fees including taxes or other third party fees (“Friend Benefit”). To qualify for the Friend Benefit, a Friend must (i) have an existing Google or YouTube account on or before May 1, 2022, (ii) not already have an active or inactive YouTube Premium account and (iii) otherwise qualify to be a YouTube Premium subscriber including as set forth on the YouTube Paid Terms of Service here, including that they be at least the age of majority in their jurisdiction or have the permission of their parent or guardian.

Referrers and Friends must comply with these Terms. Invite Links are for individual, personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes. Any unused Invite Links will be forfeited at the earlier of the Offer End Date or Google’s suspension of the Program. The Referrer Discount may not be (i) combined with other offers, discounts, or referrals (ii) sold or transferred, or (iii) redeemed for cash. YouTube reserves the right to cancel the Program or to change the Terms at any time in its sole discretion. YouTube may revoke any Referrer Discount or Friend Benefit or otherwise disqualify any Referrer or Friend in the event of any suspected fraud or violation of the Terms.