YouTube Originals Production Manual

The YouTube Originals Production Manual is a useful resource to reference throughout your production. Within the various sections, you’ll find guidelines to assist your team in working with the YouTube Originals team. A summary of certain key YouTube policies can be found in the Legal & Compliance Guidelines. These guidelines do not constitute legal advice and are not exhaustive in their guidance. Please consult your agreement with Google (the “Agreement”) and your legal counsel through all phases of production if you have any questions regarding your obligations. YouTube Originals looks forward to our successful collaboration. References in this Production Manual to “Google” and “YouTube” as a company include Google LLC and its relevant affiliates. References in the Production Manual to “Producer” generally encompass the entity contracting with Google (referred to as “Provider” in the Agreement) and any third party used by that entity to meet its obligations under the Agreement (e.g., third-party production companies, subcontractors, payroll vendors).Last updated: December 2021 (Check back here for dates of when this has been updated).