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Creators are what make YouTube...well, YouTube. We may supply the stage, but the ideas, stories and vision are all yours. Meet creators who have found and built their own path on YouTube, and learn how you can get started on your own.

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From supporting a cause to building a squad, from makeup tips to mind-blowing pet tricks, creators have ideas. Big ideas. And we're here for every single one. Every tool, filter, and format was built to help creators unleash their creativity, tell their story and connect with fans across the world.

Tell your story Tell your story

Tell your story

There are tons of ways to create and share on YouTube, from short videos, to livestreams and more. It's all here for you to make it your own.

Getting started on YouTube
Build a community Build a community

Build a community

Find the people who share your passions, causes and sense of humour, and help them to connect, laugh and learn.

Building an audience
Do it your way Do it your way

Do it your way

Creating is just the first step. Turn your passion into new opportunities, whether that's making money, expanding your audience or building a movement.

Growing your channel

Welcome, creators

Working together to protect our shared community

We're all about building a place where everyone can belong. YouTube is made up of a broad mix of communities and voices, and we're committed to keeping it that way. Learn how we work to do that, together.

Our policies and guidelines were created to support everyone on YouTube: creators and viewers of all ages, races, cultures and more. We ask everyone to follow these guidelines so that we can all continue to enjoy YouTube together.

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We've taken a close look at our policies to make sure that YouTube protects everyone in our community.

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We work hard to protect everyone in the YouTube community. We strongly believe that there is no place for hate or harassment here, and have hate speech and harassment and cyberbullying policies in place to protect viewers and creators.

We partner with experts and many different communities to write our policies, in order to ensure that everyone is included and everyone's voice is heard.

See hate speech policy

See harassment policy

Get the most out of your channel

Creators like you are the driving force behind YouTube. To help you create more with fewer roadblocks, we're always thinking about how to build better tools, create programmes that help you grow, and ways to give you new info fast.

Get the most out of your channel Get the most out of your channel

“I'm blown away by the depth of insights that YouTube Analytics provides. I think this shows that YouTube really wants its creators to succeed.”

The Black Experience Japan

Our team is always working to develop new features and helpful tools to make it easier to reach your goals. Whether you want to reach a different audience with Shorts or make money with Merchandise, we have ways to help you get there.

Ways to grow your channel

Ways to build your community

Everyone needs a little boost sometimes. That's why we've created programmes to support and recognise creators, and help them take their channels to the next level. Learn about the funds, awards, networks and more, all built for creators like you.

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We want you to have the information you need, when you need it, without any fuss. We're keeping you up to speed on what's going on with YouTube, so that you can make the best decisions for your channel, your approach and your community.

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