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A profile of a woman in a blue business shirt working at a whiteboard with a marker in her hand.

Create and deliver products for the world’s largest global community.

A male designer at a desk covered in sketches, writing a reminder on a post-it note.

Design the tools creators, artists and viewers need

At YouTube, designers are surrounded by creative people and exciting challenges. Every day you’ll collaborate on creative solutions using the most advanced technologies. You’ll shape how the world is entertained.

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A woman with long brown hair and a man with short dark hair working together at a table.

Make products as fun as they are useful

We’re looking for designers that believe truly beautiful work is fun and easy to use. Collaboration is at the heart of your process, while our users are at the heart of your ideas.

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Product and Design roles

Product Management

Drive product development—from conception to launch—while working smartly and quickly at unprecedented scale.

User Experience and Design

Improve the visual design of our products, making them as useful, usable and beautiful as possible.