YouTube is for everyone – and every business

Create a YouTube channel for your business, and connect with passionate viewers and potential customers.

Find your business’s biggest fans

Join and upload for free

Start a channel in just a few steps. Once it’s up and running, you can use a phone or computer to create and upload videos.

Showcase your business offerings

Bring what makes you unique to life. Upload product tutorials, walk-throughs, and event footage to give viewers the info they want.

Connect with an engaged audience

YouTube is the place people go to learn, laugh, and interact. Find and engage these passionate viewers with a channel.


of small businesses feel that getting started on YouTube is easy.1


of small-business owners with a YouTube channel say they use it to showcase their products and services.2


of viewers turn to YouTube for fresh content.3

Launch a business channel. Start a community.

A YouTube channel is where you can show the world what makes your business unique – and you can get yours up and running in a few minutes. You can create your channel from the YouTube desktop site, mobile site, or app.

Need step-by-step guidance on how to create a YouTube channel? Check out the small-business playbook.

Make your business channel yours

You can engage your audience and show what makes your business unique with a few customization elements in YouTube Studio.

Stand out with banner images, featured videos, and more. You can also add video cards and end screens to your videos to encourage your users to take action.

YouTube is where people are going for information. If I put information about my company out there, people can find me on YouTube.

Check out how businesses like yours are using YouTube

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3 Google/Talk Shoppe, US, whyVideo post COVID-19 study, n=2,003, A18–64 general population video users, May 2020.