Tips to make videos your audience will remember

The power of video is undeniable and, when used strategically, an important way to reach a new audience. Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced video creator, the story types, and video advertising techniques below can help you create ads that get results.

Production types

The first tip on your road to reaching new customers is understanding the most effective way to showcase what you have to offer through video. Use one or more of these popular production techniques to bring your story to life.

Selfie style
Simple backdrop
Point and shoot
Product in action
Told with text
Built from stills
User showcase

Story types

We've found that the first ads small and medium-sized businesses create typically fall into three categories: business stories, product or service stories, and promotional stories. Consider using these as a guide when you're thinking about the kind of video you want to make.

Business story
Product or service story
Promotional story