What is the YouTube Culture & Trends site for?

YouTube’s Culture & Trends site is intended as a public repository for useful YouTube data, explanations of current trends, and accurate statistics that help you better understand the next generation of creators and artists.

What types of content should I expect to see?

  • YouTube data and statistics — Verified information about creators, artists, videos, and trends.
  • YouTube Records — Official lists of record-holding videos and channels across our most-asked-about metrics.
  • Explainers and spotlights — Stories that connect the dots between data points and larger trends.
  • Deep dives — YouTube data storytelling that brings the numbers to life through visualizations and context.

How do I cite data and stories from this site? Do I have permission to use YouTube Culture & Trends content?

All data and information on the YouTube Culture & Trends site is official and can be cited without further permission required. For more information, please review YouTube's press page and brand guidelines.

How do YouTube Records work? How are they updated and what criteria is used?

See the “Last updated” timestamp at the top of each record for the time each record was last updated. Note that confirmation on some YouTube Records, including data for new releases, may not be available for 48 hours. For more information on how these totals are calculated, see the methodology section below each record.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please fill out this form and we'll get back to you if we can help.

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